“Farm to Fork Academy for Green Western Balkans-Our Shared European Future”

Together in Tirana with representatives of National Rural Development Networks (NRDNs) from each of 6 Western Balkan countries and Croatia to start working on the Inception Workshop of `Farm to Fork Academy for Green Western Balkans-Our Shared European Future`. This regional project is funded by European Commission and being implemented by the consortium of NRDNs under the leadership of Rrjeti Shqiptar per Zhvillim Rural – ANRD. Two intensive working days signing a good beginning of project implementation, full of challenges and activities either at regional or national level.
The workshop agenda items coverage, tacked all the important issues needed to be addressed at this stage of F2F Academy inception phase, which were of relevant importance for the upcoming activities according to the working plan and the building up of communications channels, designation of roadmaps and monitoring methodologies needed for the efficient implementation of project activities by all the project partners. y
This project reaffirms the importance and increased role of Civil Society Organizations in advancing of Green Agenda for the Western Balkans implementation and Farm to Fork Strategy, by addressing issues related with climate change impacts & protection and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in the development of sustainable rural and agricultural sector.